1. This tournament series is open to all anglers 18 years of age and older.  Each angler MUST have a valid North Carolina freshwater fishing license, and complete/sign the liability release form PRIOR to participating in the tournament.  Anglers under the age of 18 may compete in the tournament with the written authorization of their parent/guardian on the liability release form.  In addition, the parent/guardian must also be a competitor in the event.

2.  Each angler MUST have paid the entry fee in cash BEFORE fishing.

3.  Only paddle or pedal powered boats may be used. This includes; kayaks, canoes, rowboats, inflatable boats, paddle boats. No gasoline or electric motor propelled boats, sail boats, or float tubes may be used. One paid entrant per boat.

4.  All boats must be launched from the designated launch point at the start of the event. Transporting boats/fishermen via power driven boats (including towing) is prohibited except in case of emergency.

5.  Artificial bait only.

6.  Safety equipment must be on board and used in accordance with NCWRC regulations, including PFD, light, and sound emitting devices.

7.   All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation.  No alcoholic beverages or the use of illegal drugs is allowed.

8.  Only fish caught using a rod and reel qualify for your total. Trolling baits under paddle/pedal power is allowed.  All fish must be caught in the lake’s boundary waters. Any anglers observed fishing in areas marked off limits will be disqualified. All fish must be caught and photographed correctly to qualify for your total.

9.  All anglers must be in line to turn in their scorecards and photos by 3:00 PM at the designated area. Late check-in will be allowed until 3:30 PM, however, a penalty of 1” per every 5 minutes after 3:00 PM will be subtracted from their total. No score will be given for any angler not in line before 3:30 PM. The judges will tally the results, declare the winners, give out awards, and the tournament will be declared complete.

10.  Organizers will make best efforts to make decisions final on tourney day but reserve the right to amend results if judges do not notice missing identifiers, improperly scored fish, etc. Final results will be posted on the Carolina Yakfish website.

Each registered angler will be assigned a unique identifier the day of the event at registration.  Anglers will be given the option to write their identifier on the back of their hand to reduce the chances of forgetting their identifier in photos.

–  There is no minimum length.  More than one fish of the same length may be submitted but there must be distinguishable differences between the two fish.  These differences must be natural markings of the fish and multiple photos will be required to enable judges to distinguish fish apart.  Do not block the body of the fish as that will impede the judges ability to differentiate.  No intentionally altered or mutilated fish will be accepted and will result in disqualification.  Carolina Yakfish organizers will have the final decision on whether a fish will count.

JUDGES – Tournament organizers will judge fish photos with the assistance of randomly selected participants, but they will not analyze their own photos.  Since the tournament organizers will also be competing, we hope this judging system will resolve that conflict of interest.  Fish will be measured to the 1/4″.  Fish length will be the last 1/4″ mark reached (no rounding up).

SCORE – The sum of your longest verified lengths will make your total score.  (See tournament series schedule for bag limits.)  The angler with the highest total score is the winner, next highest score is 2nd place, and so on.

TIES – In the event that one or more anglers have the same total score, final placement will be determined by:
a) the biggest fish between the two anglers,
b) the 2nd biggest fish between the two anglers,
c) if there is still a tie, then flip a coin

Example – Joe and Bob both had a total of 40” and tied for 2nd place. Joe had the biggest fish so he is placed at sole owner of 2nd, takes home 2nd place money, and is awarded 42 points.  Bob goes to 3rd place, takes home 3rd place money, and is awarded 36 points.

SERIES POINTS ACCUMULATION – A points system will be used to determine the overall tournament series winner.  100 points will be awarded to the winning angler of each tournament, 99 points to 2nd, 98 points to 3rd, etc, so long as the angler turns in photos of fish.  Anglers that don’t turn in photos receive a score of 10.

ANGLER OF THE YEAR– An angler must compete in at least 3 events to be eligible for Angler of the Year (A.O.Y.).  The sum of the anglers’ 3 best scores of the 4 events will be used to determine A.O.Y.  The award will be announced at the conclusion of the last event of the series. If a tie for first place occurs at the end of the series, the AOY will be determined by:

a)  The angler with the single longest largemouth caught during the current season
b)  If still a tie, then 2nd longest largemouth
c)  If still a tie, then 3rd longest largemouth
d)  If still a tie, the boat will be sold and funds will be split.

Each angler must provide their own measuring device.  No soft tape measures (sewing tapes) are allowed.  All measuring devices must be fixed with clearly marked measurements.  We recommend a fishing ruler of at least 24″ for all those whoppers we’re going to catch.  If the tail hangs off the end of the ruler, judges will estimate the total length of the fish.  Measuring devices may be checked by the judges. If the judge can not clearly see the measurement, that fish will not be scored.  Please make sure the length marks are visible in your photos.  If we can’t read the numbers, we may have to disqualify the photo.

Anglers must provide their own digital camera and devices (cords, software, etc) to download the pictures via a USB port to the judge’s laptop.  Camera phones are specifically NOT ALLOWED.

A photo MUST be taken with the fish laying on the measuring device with the identifier displayed and tail unpinched.

The photo MUST include the following criteria:
*the whole fish, tip to tail,
*facing left and laying with the head towards the start of the ruler,
*tip of the lip at the beginning of the ruler,
*demonstrating visible length marks,
*on your measuring device,

*demonstrating visible length marks (please make sure your ruler will clearly show length marks in photos),
*with your identifier showing,
*in an overhead photo frame (take as many photos as you think necessary, but only ONE photo will be judged.

Here is an example:

IF the tip of the lip is NOT at the start of the ruler, an appropriate length deduction will be assessed.
IF any of the criteria listed above is not adhered to, that fish will NOT be scored.

————————————————————————————————————————————————— Any violation of any of the above posted rules may result in disqualification and a score of “0” will be given.  All rules will be interpreted by the tournament organizers and the decision will be final. Any protests should be registered with the tournament organizers before official results are announced.


ENTRANCE FEE – Fees for each tournament are listed on the series schedule page.  For no-charge launches, the fee will be $30.  Day of the tournament entry fees will be paid in cash only.

PRE-REGISTRATION – Anglers also have the option of pre-registering.  Print and fill out this registration form, and send with check or cash to:

Robert Dainton
690 Buckner Clark Road
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Pre-registration will end one week before the event.

H.O.W. DONATION – $10 of each entry fee at each tournament will be deducted and placed into a separate fund to support the Fort Bragg Heroes on the Water chapter.

CASH PRIZES – Of the remaining money, cash prizes will be divided as follows:  1st place gets 50%, 2nd place gets 30%, and 3rd place gets 20%.

For example: 20 anglers x $30 = $600 – $200 (20% donation to H.O.W.) = $400
1st place= $200.00 ($400 x .50)
2nd place= $120.00 ($400 x .30)
3rd place= $80.00 ($400 x .20)

BIG FISH – Also, an optional $5 big fish, winner take all, side pot is available at entry time.  All money paid to the big fish pot will go to the angler who entered the pot and catches the longest fish on the day.  In the event of a tie, the big fish pot will be split.


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