Lake Michie Results

September 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The 4th tournament of the 2012 season was held at Lake Michie on Saturday, September  15th.  We had a great turnout with 31 anglers – thank you to all who participated. It got a little windy for a while but other than that, we had very nice weather.  Lots of bass were caught today and 15 of out 31 anglers caught a limit.  Another strong showing for the field – nice job guys!

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1.  Those gift cards went to Steve Hurst (7th), Shelly Efird (6th), Bo Anders (5th), and Philip Ruckart (4th).  Nice job, guys!  Coming in 3rd place with a 3 fish limit of 44.5″ was Joey Sullivan.  Joey generously donated his 3rd place cash prize to Heroes on the Water.  Thanks, Joey!  Second place went to John Stokes, with a 3 fish limit of 44.5″.  John’s 18″ largemouth (after .25″ deduction) edged Joey’s 17.75″er to break the tie.  Well done, John!  The big winner of the day was Jeff Lee, an active duty soldier and HOW volunteer who missed our  last two tourneys because of deployment.  He ended the day with a very nice limit of 54.75″.  Jeff also took big bass honors with a 22.5″ sow.  Way to go, Jeff!

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support HOW.  With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $155 through entry fees, $18 through lanyard sales (thanks again, Joey B!), $150 through raffle sales, and the $124 donation for a total of $447 for the day and $1822 for the year!  We are very close to hitting our goal of $2,000 for the year.

Congrats to the field today for another great showing.  This was another very competitive tournament.  We hope to see everyone at our final event of the year at Jordan Lake on October 20th.  We will crown the Carolina Yakfish 2012 Angler of the Year, award a brand new Native Watercraft kayak, and raffle off the Revo SX/Carolina Custom Rods combo.  See y’all then!

Click HERE to read more about the day and see some pictures at Kayak Fishing NC.


1 Jeff Lee * 3 LMB 54.75″
2 John Stokes** 3 LMB 44.5″
3 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 44.5″
4 Philip Ruckart 3 LMB 44.25″
5 Bo Anders 3 LMB 43.75″
6 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 41″
7 Steve Hurst 3 LMB 40.75″
8 Jeff Ratliff 3 LMB 40.25″
9 Scott Inge 3 LMB 39.5″
10 Garrett Phillips 3 LMB 38.5″
11 Jason Scott** 3 LMB 38.25″
12 Nathan Raycroft 3 LMB 38.25″
13 Tim Stewart 3 LMB 37.5″
14 Robert Radics 3 LMB 37″
15 Aki Min 3 LMB 34.25″
16 Mike Mitchell 2 LMB 34″
17 Bob Dainton 2 LMB 28.25″
18 Brian English 2 LMB 27.25″
19 Mike Langer 2 LMB 26″
20 Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 25.5″
21 Wayne Butler 2 LMB 24.5″
22 Patrick Parmenter 2 LMB 19.5″
23 Heath Hollowell 2 LMB 18.25″
24 Mike English 2 LMB 17″
25 Tim Holmes 1 LMB 16.25″
26 Mike Cole 1 LMB 10″
27 Josh Ferguson 1 LMB 8″
28 Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0″
28 Brian Roy 0 LMB 0″
28 Mark Patterson 0 LMB 0″
28 Thomas Mobley 0 LMB 0″

* Jeff Lee also won the big fish pot with a 22.5″ largemouth.

**Both tie breakers were decided by the angler with the largest fish.

Fort Fisher Results

June 30, 2012 2 comments

The third tournament of the 2012 season was held at Fort Fisher on Saturday, June 30th. Depending on which forecast you saw, it was going to range from 90 to 104 degrees.  It felt awfully hot, but probably only reached the lower 90s. Unfortunately, the fishing wasn’t quite as hot, but one angler managed to get a slam and there were some nice fish caught. The biggest drum was only 10.75″ and was caught by Mike English. Most people felt the hot weather drove the drum a bit further south and out of the basin area.

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1. Those gift cards went to Mark Patterson (7th), Nathan Raycroft (6th), Mike English (5th), and Matt Sadler (4th). Nice job, guys! Coming in third place, with a two fish total of 28.75″ was Matt Frazier. Second place honors went to Tanner Pruitt, who was the youngest competitor in the event and did quite well. Congrats Tanner! The big winner of the day and the only angler to manage a slam was Brian English with a 3 fish total of 38.25″. The big fish pot was split by Tanner Pruitt and Nathan Raycroft, who each boated a 18.75″ flounder. Congrats Tanner and Nathan! Individual fish lengths for each angler can be seen in the table below.

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support Heroes on the Water. With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $110 through entry fees, $42 through lanyard sales, and an additional $20 in raffle ticket sales. This brings our year to date total to $1,375. Thank you to everyone that particpanes in our events that makes this possible.

Our next event is back in the sweet water at Lake Michie on September 15th.  See you then!


1 Brian English 9.5 14.25 14.5 38.25
2 Tanner Pruitt 18.75* 15.5 34.25
3 Matt Frazier 14.25 14.5 28.75
4 Matt Sadler 10 18 28
5 Mike English 10.75 15 25.75
6 Nathan Raycroft 18.75* 18.75
7 Mark Patterson 18.25 18.25
8 Paul Clarke 17.75 17.75
9 Josh Ferguson 17.25 17.25
10 Brian Roy 17 17
11 Dave Hagerman 12.25 12.25
12 Tom Navaroli 10 10
13 Joe Angelcyk 9.5 9.5
13 Brad Crater 9.5 9.5
15 Joey Sullivan 8.5 8.5
16 Bob Dainton 7.25 7.25
17 Ron Bennett 0
17 Tim Norris 0
17 Ashley Williams 0
17 Mike Sadler 0
17 Ryan Pruitt 0
17 Mike Langer 0

*Pruitt and Raycroft split the big fish pot.

Important Announcement

May 20, 2012 1 comment

We regret to inform you that there has been a confirmed case of cheating in the Carolina Yakfish series and that Calvin Almond has been permanently banned.

After the tournament at Shearon Harris on 4/14/12, tournament organizers discovered that Calvin had submitted fish in the tournament that were previously caught and frozen. Based on this discovery, we also reviewed past submissions in further detail, and discovered that Calvin had also submitted frozen fish at the 2011 finale at Jordan Lake.

We have confronted Calvin and received a confession and recovered all monies won in the events named above and for his share of the Angler of the Year prize. Recovered funds will be distributed to the rightful winners immediately. As a result of this, Calvin has obviously been stripped of his 2011 Co-Angler of the Year title. Therefore, Joe Angelcyk is the sole 2011 Angler of the Year.

We are very disappointed to have to make this announcement, but feel it is mandatory to deter future instances.

Thank you for your continued support of the Carolina Yakfish series.

Randleman Results

May 13, 2012 1 comment

The second tournament of the 2012 season was held at Southwest Park on Randleman Reservoir on Saturday, May 12th.  We’d like to thank Berry Bynum and park staff for opening up early for us to get everyone launched on time.  That was much appreciated, thank you!

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect and a ton of bass were caught.  18 out of 25 anglers caught their limit and there were a few anglers that reported catching 15-20 bass!  Big bass honors today went to Bo Anders with a 20″ toad.  This was Bo’s 2nd consecutive CY tourney that he’s caught a 20″er.  Congrats, “Big Bass” Bo!

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1.  Those gift cards went to Brad Crater (7th), John Stokes (6th), Jim Lor (5th), and Shelly Efird (4th).  Nice job, guys!  We had two anglers tie for 2nd place, both with a 3-fish limit of 52.25″.  Scott Inge was awarded 3rd, and Dale Chapman 2nd due to our tie breaker format of biggest single largemouth (Dale’s 19″er edged Scott’s 18.75″).  Great job of catching ’em and congrats, Scott and Dale!

Coming in 1st place, with a winning margin of only 1/2″ was 2010 Carolina Yakfish AOY Joey Sullivan with a 3-fish limit of 52.75″.  Joey generously donated his first place cash prize winnings to Heroes on the Water.  Congrats and thanks, Joey!

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support HOW.  With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $125 through entry fees, $26 through lanyard sales, and the $250 donation for a total of $401 for the day and $1077 for the year!

Congrats to the field today for such a strong showing.  This was easily our most competitive tournament to date.  We hope to see y’all at our next event on June 30th at Fort Fisher.  Time to get salty!


1 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 52.75″
2 Dale Chapman * 3 LMB 52.25″
3 Scott Inge 3 LMB 52.25″
4 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 51.25″
5 Jim Lor 3 LMB 49″
6 John Stokes 3 LMB 48″
7 Brad Crater 3 LMB 47.25″
8 Dennis Lajeunesse 3 LMB 47″
9 Bo Anders ** 3 LMB 44.75″
10 Jason Scott 3 LMB 44.75″
11 Nathan Raycroft 3 LMB 44.5″
12 Bob Dainton 3 LMB 43.75″
13 Wayne Butler 3 LMB 43.5″
14 Taylor Kennedy 3 LMB 43.25″
15 Josh Ferguson 3 LMB 40.75″
16 Joe Angelcyk 3 LMB 40.5″
17 Jeff Ratliff 3 LMB 39.25″
18 Tim Stewart 3 LMB 38″
19 Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 30.5″
20 Josh Butler 2 LMB 29.75″
21 Amos Swiney 1 LMB 19.5″
22 Gwen Crabtree 0 LMB 0″
22 Garret Phillips 0 LMB 0″
22 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0″
22 Mike Cole 0 LMB 0″

* Won tie-breaker with a 19″ bass.
** Won tie-breaker with a 20″ bass.

Photo above by Jason Scott

Shearon Harris Results

The first tournament of the 2012 season blasted off on Shearon Harris on Saturday, April 14th.  We shattered our attendance record with 42 anglers (previous high was 31)!  It was a little chilly in the morning, but it quickly warmed up and turned into a very nice day.  The breeze picked up in the afternoon, so many anglers reported ducking into coves to dodge the wind.  Most found the bedding bass to be on the picky side, but there were still quite a few largemouth boated.

Big bass honors went to Wayne Butler with a 22.75″ beauty.  4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1.  Those gift cards went to Jason Longfellow (7th), Brad Crater (6th), Jeff Lee (5th), Daniel Arnold (4th).  Congrats, guys!  Third place went to Raleigh native Brian Roy, who finished with a solid 3-fish limit of 43.5″.  Coming in second place, was Hardcore Kayak Fishing Team member Chris Edwards, whose 3-bass limit totaled 45″.  Finally, it was newcomer Patrick Parmenter that bested the field (and made good on his pre-tourney smack talk) with a 3-fish limit of 51″.  Congratulations, gentlemen, on a job well done.

Thank you to everyone for supporting Heroes on the Water.  With your help today, we were able to raise $210 from entry fees.  Also, a big thank you to Joey Benevenia for creating the custom identifiers and donating lanyards to sell for HOW.  Lanyard sales totaled an additional $116.  Additionally, Nathan Raycroft, donated $350 after he recently sold one of his kayaks. So we’re off to a great start for the year with a total of $686 for HOW.

Thanks again to everyone that made it out, we were pleasantly surprised with the huge turnout and we’re already looking forward to our next event at big bass factory Randleman Reservoir on May 12th.  Also, don’t forget about the next kayak fishing tournament that benefits HOW, the NCKFA Battle in the ‘Boro, which is coming up on April 27th and 28th.  See you there!

1 Patrick Parmenter 3 LMB 51″
2 Chris Edwards 3 LMB 45″
3 Brian Roy 3 LMB 43.5″
4 Daniel Arnold 2 LMB 36.5″
5 Jeff Lee 3 LMB 36″
6 Brad Crater 2 LMB 33.5″
7 Jason Longfellow 2 LMB 28.5″
8 Jeremy Paris 2 LMB 27.25″
9 Jim Lor 2 LMB 23.5″
10 Wayne Butler 1 LMB 22.75″
11 Bo Anders 1 LMB 22″
12 Brian English 1 LMB 18″
12 DJ Myslinski 1 LMB 18″
14 Steve Hurst 1 LMB 17.75″
15 Gary Correia 1 LMB 17.5″
16 Joe Osbourne 1 LMB 17″
17 Ryan Sadler 1 LMB 16.5″
18 Bob Dainton 1 LMB 15.75″
19 Tucker Watson 1 LMB 14.5″
20 Parker Dainton 1 LMB 13.5″
21 Matt Griffith 1 LMB 13″
22 Jason Scott 0 LMB 0
22 Josh Ferguson 0 LMB 0
22 Joey Sullivan 0 LMB 0
22 Taylor Kennedy 0 LMB 0
22 Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0
22 Tim Stewart 0 LMB 0
22 Brannon Roberts 0 LMB 0
22 Heath Hallowell 0 LMB 0
22 Jeff Ratliff 0 LMB 0
22 Tom Hayes 0 LMB 0
22 Buck Hughes 0 LMB 0
22 Scott Inge 0 LMB 0
22 Alan Harvell 0 LMB 0
22 Joey Benevenia 0 LMB 0
22 Dennis Lajeunesse 0 LMB 0
22 Nathan Raycroft 0 LMB 0
22 Harrison Zellers 0 LMB 0
22 Garrett Phillips 0 LMB 0
22 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0
22 Joshua Butler 0 LMB 0


January 2, 2012 10 comments

Happy New Year, everyone!  Here is our 2012 tournament schedule as it stands right now.  We’re still working out some of the details, including some small rules changes, so please stand by for updates.  As of right now, our 2012 schedule looks like this:

April 14 – Shearon Harris

May 12 – Randleman Reservoir

June 30 – Fort Fisher

September 15 – Lake Michie

October 20 – Jordan Lake

We are also very pleased and thankful to announce that Native Watercraft has agreed to donate a kayak for our 2012 Angler of the Year prize!

Additionally, Chad Hoover at Hook 1 has given us four $25 gift cards to give as prizes for each of our tournaments!  We’ve decided to spread the wealth a little bit and award these prizes to our 4th-7th place finishers.  Thanks, Chad and Hook 1!

Jordan Lake Tourney Results

October 29, 2011 2 comments

The final event of the 2011 Carolina Yakfish series was held this past Saturday at Jordan Lake.  The weather conditions were horrible in the morning –  40 degrees, a driving rain, and a stiff breeze.  Despite the forecast, 17 fearless anglers arrived at the launch at 6:30 ready to go.  An additional 18 participants and volunteers from Heroes on the Water amounted to a very good turnout for such a raw day.

There weren’t a ton of fish caught, but 3 anglers did managed to get a 3-fish limit.  Joey Benevenia came out on top with a 3-fish total of 48.25,” despite being stung by “the half-inch rule” (a 15.75″er DQed).  Joey also took big fish honors with a nice 19.25″ largemouth.   NCangler moderator Jeff Oestreich came in second with a 3-fish limit of 45.5″.  Nathan Raycroft finished in 3rd place with two bass that went 31″.  Joey B. found his fish shallow on wood with a variety of baits, including a worm, a jig, and a spinnerbait.  Almost all the rest of the fish in the field fell for crankbaits fished near rip rap.

Big congratulations to Joe Angelcyk for being the 2011 Carolina Yakfish Angler of the Year!  For his efforts, he wins a 2011 Jackson Kayak Coosa Elite.  A big thanks to our buddy Drew Gregory and the fine folks at Jackson Kayak for making this possible.

2011 was another great year for Carolina Yakfish!  Thanks to all the participants and donors, we were able to raise over $2,200 this season for Heroes on the Water.  These donations will be used to directly support North Carolina’s HOW chapters.  We had a great time this year, and we’re already looking forward to next year!  Be on the lookout for a 2012 schedule by the end of the year.

1 Joey Benevenia* 3 LMB 48.25″
2 Jeff Oestreich 3 LMB 45.5″
3 Nathan Raycroft 2 LMB 31″
4 Bob Dainton 1 LMB 13.5″
5 Scott Inge 1 LMB 12.25″
6 Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0
6 Joey Sullivan 0 LMB 0
6 Rich Montgomery 0 LMB 0
6 Don Parks 0 LMB 0
6 Ryan Sadler 0 LMB 0
6 Bo Anders 0 LMB 0
6 Tim Stewart 0 LMB 0
6 Clint Barden 0 LMB 0
6 Dennis Lajeunesse 0 LMB 0
6 Brad Crater 0 LMB 0
6 Trey Wright 0 LMB 0

* Joey B. also won the big bass pot with a 19.25″ largemouth


Joey B’s winning limit (19.25″, 16″, 13″)






Jeff’s 2nd place limit (15.75″, 15.25″, 14.5″)


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