In November 2009 a group of central North Carolina kayak anglers decided to organize the Inaugural Carolina Yakfish Open held on Jordan Lake.  The event was a success, drawing anglers from across the state.  From it the Carolina Yakfish Series 2010 was spawned – a fishing tournament series exclusively for non-motor boats in NC.

The goals of the series also happen to be the reasons it came about in the first place:  promoting the sport of kayak angling, endorsing catch and release fishing, and having fun while meeting new friends on the water.

The series is a completely non-profit venture.  All entry fees will either be paid out as prizes for individual tournaments or added to the Angler of the Year prize.  We are doing so to emphasize the camaraderie and sportsmanship inherent in each event, which we feel should be the bottom line despite the competitive aspect of the series.

In addition, we are proud to benefit Heroes on the Water.  CY is working to find folks willing to donate money to HOW based on the number of participants at each event.  In 2010, 8 individuals and businesses donated $1701 to HOW.  We strive to improve on that number in 2011.

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