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Lake Michie Results

The 4th tournament of the 2012 season was held at Lake Michie on Saturday, September  15th.  We had a great turnout with 31 anglers – thank you to all who participated. It got a little windy for a while but other than that, we had very nice weather.  Lots of bass were caught today and 15 of out 31 anglers caught a limit.  Another strong showing for the field – nice job guys!

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1.  Those gift cards went to Steve Hurst (7th), Shelly Efird (6th), Bo Anders (5th), and Philip Ruckart (4th).  Nice job, guys!  Coming in 3rd place with a 3 fish limit of 44.5″ was Joey Sullivan.  Joey generously donated his 3rd place cash prize to Heroes on the Water.  Thanks, Joey!  Second place went to John Stokes, with a 3 fish limit of 44.5″.  John’s 18″ largemouth (after .25″ deduction) edged Joey’s 17.75″er to break the tie.  Well done, John!  The big winner of the day was Jeff Lee, an active duty soldier and HOW volunteer who missed our  last two tourneys because of deployment.  He ended the day with a very nice limit of 54.75″.  Jeff also took big bass honors with a 22.5″ sow.  Way to go, Jeff!

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support HOW.  With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $155 through entry fees, $18 through lanyard sales (thanks again, Joey B!), $150 through raffle sales, and the $124 donation for a total of $447 for the day and $1822 for the year!  We are very close to hitting our goal of $2,000 for the year.

Congrats to the field today for another great showing.  This was another very competitive tournament.  We hope to see everyone at our final event of the year at Jordan Lake on October 20th.  We will crown the Carolina Yakfish 2012 Angler of the Year, award a brand new Native Watercraft kayak, and raffle off the Revo SX/Carolina Custom Rods combo.  See y’all then!

Click HERE to read more about the day and see some pictures at Kayak Fishing NC.


1 Jeff Lee * 3 LMB 54.75″
2 John Stokes** 3 LMB 44.5″
3 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 44.5″
4 Philip Ruckart 3 LMB 44.25″
5 Bo Anders 3 LMB 43.75″
6 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 41″
7 Steve Hurst 3 LMB 40.75″
8 Jeff Ratliff 3 LMB 40.25″
9 Scott Inge 3 LMB 39.5″
10 Garrett Phillips 3 LMB 38.5″
11 Jason Scott** 3 LMB 38.25″
12 Nathan Raycroft 3 LMB 38.25″
13 Tim Stewart 3 LMB 37.5″
14 Robert Radics 3 LMB 37″
15 Aki Min 3 LMB 34.25″
16 Mike Mitchell 2 LMB 34″
17 Bob Dainton 2 LMB 28.25″
18 Brian English 2 LMB 27.25″
19 Mike Langer 2 LMB 26″
20 Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 25.5″
21 Wayne Butler 2 LMB 24.5″
22 Patrick Parmenter 2 LMB 19.5″
23 Heath Hollowell 2 LMB 18.25″
24 Mike English 2 LMB 17″
25 Tim Holmes 1 LMB 16.25″
26 Mike Cole 1 LMB 10″
27 Josh Ferguson 1 LMB 8″
28 Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0″
28 Brian Roy 0 LMB 0″
28 Mark Patterson 0 LMB 0″
28 Thomas Mobley 0 LMB 0″

* Jeff Lee also won the big fish pot with a 22.5″ largemouth.

**Both tie breakers were decided by the angler with the largest fish.

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