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Fort Fisher Results

The third tournament of the 2012 season was held at Fort Fisher on Saturday, June 30th. Depending on which forecast you saw, it was going to range from 90 to 104 degrees.  It felt awfully hot, but probably only reached the lower 90s. Unfortunately, the fishing wasn’t quite as hot, but one angler managed to get a slam and there were some nice fish caught. The biggest drum was only 10.75″ and was caught by Mike English. Most people felt the hot weather drove the drum a bit further south and out of the basin area.

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1. Those gift cards went to Mark Patterson (7th), Nathan Raycroft (6th), Mike English (5th), and Matt Sadler (4th). Nice job, guys! Coming in third place, with a two fish total of 28.75″ was Matt Frazier. Second place honors went to Tanner Pruitt, who was the youngest competitor in the event and did quite well. Congrats Tanner! The big winner of the day and the only angler to manage a slam was Brian English with a 3 fish total of 38.25″. The big fish pot was split by Tanner Pruitt and Nathan Raycroft, who each boated a 18.75″ flounder. Congrats Tanner and Nathan! Individual fish lengths for each angler can be seen in the table below.

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support Heroes on the Water. With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $110 through entry fees, $42 through lanyard sales, and an additional $20 in raffle ticket sales. This brings our year to date total to $1,375. Thank you to everyone that particpanes in our events that makes this possible.

Our next event is back in the sweet water at Lake Michie on September 15th.  See you then!


1 Brian English 9.5 14.25 14.5 38.25
2 Tanner Pruitt 18.75* 15.5 34.25
3 Matt Frazier 14.25 14.5 28.75
4 Matt Sadler 10 18 28
5 Mike English 10.75 15 25.75
6 Nathan Raycroft 18.75* 18.75
7 Mark Patterson 18.25 18.25
8 Paul Clarke 17.75 17.75
9 Josh Ferguson 17.25 17.25
10 Brian Roy 17 17
11 Dave Hagerman 12.25 12.25
12 Tom Navaroli 10 10
13 Joe Angelcyk 9.5 9.5
13 Brad Crater 9.5 9.5
15 Joey Sullivan 8.5 8.5
16 Bob Dainton 7.25 7.25
17 Ron Bennett 0
17 Tim Norris 0
17 Ashley Williams 0
17 Mike Sadler 0
17 Ryan Pruitt 0
17 Mike Langer 0

*Pruitt and Raycroft split the big fish pot.

  1. Ryan Pruitt (Tanner's Dad)
    July 1, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Way to gon Tanner Pruitt aand at 13 years old – Could be heading for the Pro Circuit.

  2. Ryan Pruitt (Tanner's Dad)
    July 1, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    Where are all the Big Reds in NC?????

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