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Randleman Results

The second tournament of the 2012 season was held at Southwest Park on Randleman Reservoir on Saturday, May 12th.  We’d like to thank Berry Bynum and park staff for opening up early for us to get everyone launched on time.  That was much appreciated, thank you!

Today’s weather was absolutely perfect and a ton of bass were caught.  18 out of 25 anglers caught their limit and there were a few anglers that reported catching 15-20 bass!  Big bass honors today went to Bo Anders with a 20″ toad.  This was Bo’s 2nd consecutive CY tourney that he’s caught a 20″er.  Congrats, “Big Bass” Bo!

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1.  Those gift cards went to Brad Crater (7th), John Stokes (6th), Jim Lor (5th), and Shelly Efird (4th).  Nice job, guys!  We had two anglers tie for 2nd place, both with a 3-fish limit of 52.25″.  Scott Inge was awarded 3rd, and Dale Chapman 2nd due to our tie breaker format of biggest single largemouth (Dale’s 19″er edged Scott’s 18.75″).  Great job of catching ’em and congrats, Scott and Dale!

Coming in 1st place, with a winning margin of only 1/2″ was 2010 Carolina Yakfish AOY Joey Sullivan with a 3-fish limit of 52.75″.  Joey generously donated his first place cash prize winnings to Heroes on the Water.  Congrats and thanks, Joey!

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support HOW.  With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $125 through entry fees, $26 through lanyard sales, and the $250 donation for a total of $401 for the day and $1077 for the year!

Congrats to the field today for such a strong showing.  This was easily our most competitive tournament to date.  We hope to see y’all at our next event on June 30th at Fort Fisher.  Time to get salty!


1 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 52.75″
2 Dale Chapman * 3 LMB 52.25″
3 Scott Inge 3 LMB 52.25″
4 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 51.25″
5 Jim Lor 3 LMB 49″
6 John Stokes 3 LMB 48″
7 Brad Crater 3 LMB 47.25″
8 Dennis Lajeunesse 3 LMB 47″
9 Bo Anders ** 3 LMB 44.75″
10 Jason Scott 3 LMB 44.75″
11 Nathan Raycroft 3 LMB 44.5″
12 Bob Dainton 3 LMB 43.75″
13 Wayne Butler 3 LMB 43.5″
14 Taylor Kennedy 3 LMB 43.25″
15 Josh Ferguson 3 LMB 40.75″
16 Joe Angelcyk 3 LMB 40.5″
17 Jeff Ratliff 3 LMB 39.25″
18 Tim Stewart 3 LMB 38″
19 Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 30.5″
20 Josh Butler 2 LMB 29.75″
21 Amos Swiney 1 LMB 19.5″
22 Gwen Crabtree 0 LMB 0″
22 Garret Phillips 0 LMB 0″
22 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0″
22 Mike Cole 0 LMB 0″

* Won tie-breaker with a 19″ bass.
** Won tie-breaker with a 20″ bass.

Photo above by Jason Scott
  1. Gwen
    May 13, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Thanks for hosting. I still can’t believe I made a rookie mistake and lost a 19″ bass just before I was able to take a photo.

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