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Dear kayak fishermen,

We have decided to discontinue the Carolina Yakfish series.  We had a fun 4 years (20 tournaments!) and we would like to thank everyone that participated and to all who helped make it possible.  The events were a huge success, with turnouts and donations that far exceeded our expectations.  Because of that, we met our primary goal of raising money for Heroes on the Water.  So for that, thank you to everyone.  That obviously would not have happened without your attendance.  So thank you to all past particpants, we really appreciate it!  We’d also like to thank our generous sponsors who helped make it all possible.

If anyone is disappointed that we are going away, rest assured there will be plenty of charity tournament action left in NC run by guys with like-minded intent.  Please check out the Carolina Kayak Anglers.  We will be attending as many of their events as possible and hope to see you there.

See you on the water, and thanks again to everyone that made our events a success!


Randleman Results


Wow, what a way to end the 2013 season!  The weather was great and the Randleman largemouth cooperated, as we had another fantastic turnout with 34 anglers and 22 limits submitted.  There were only 3 largemouth that went 20″ or better, but there were a lot of nice fish – 32 that were 16″ and up – and 14 of the 22 limits were over 45″!

Once again, our 4th and 5th place finishers each received $50 gift cards to our friends at Get:  Outdoors.  Coming in 5th with a 3-bass limit of 50.75″ was John Stokes.  Wayne Butler turned in a 3-bass limit of 51.5″ and came in 4th place.  Congrats John and Wayne!  The first angler in the money, coming in third, was Jeff Ratliff also with a 3-fish limit of 51.5″ (won tie breaker).  Second place went to Jason Scott with a nice limit of 52″.  Jason also took home the big bass pot with a 21.25″ sow.  The big winner today, coming in 1st place, was Chris Gravely with an impressive limit of 53.5″.  Congrats to the Chris, Jason, and Jeff!

The Angler of the Year Race couldn’t have been much tighter.  Shelly Efird came into the day with a 8 point lead in the standings with 292 points and there were 4 or 5 anglers still mathematically alive entering the day.  One of those people was Jeff Ratliff, who had 194 points.  With Jeff’s 3rd place finish today, he shot up the leader board and also had 292 points.  So Shelly had to earn at least a 7th place finish today to get an extra point and win the AOY title outright.  And he did just that!  Shelly turned in a 3-bass limit of 49.5″, anchored by a 20.25″ largemouth that he caught around 12:30pm, and came in 7th, securing the AOY title by a single point!  Thanks for making it exciting guys and congrats to Shelly Efird, the 2013 Carolina Yakfish Angler of the Year!  We’re pretty sure he will enjoy the Slayer!

A huge thank you to all the participants that came out today and throughout the season.  With your help, we were able to raise a total of $1213 to support our local Heroes on the Water chapter.  These funds help get wounded vets out on the water for a day of kayak fishing relaxation.   If you haven’t already, please check out the HOW website to see how much these donations mean to these folks and what the funds enable them to do.  If you’re on Facebook, please check out and LIKE Heroes on the Water Combined Forces NC.

Another big thank you is in order for our sponsors, Get: Outdoors and Native Watercraft. G:O donated gift cards for prizes for each of our four events.  Native donated our 2013 Angler of the Year prize, the Slayer 14.5.  Thanks to all the fine people at these companies. Also thanks to Joey Benevenia for designing and printing identifiers, lanyard donations, and operating the Carolina Yakfish Facebook page.  We greatly appreciate your help, buddy!

We look forward to the 2014 season and will have a schedule out sometime near the end of the year.  Thanks again to all participants, and we hope you catch lots of fish the rest of the year.  See you next year!

***** Check out Kayak Fishing NC‘s tourney write-up and photos HERE.  Thanks, Philip!

1 Chris Gravely 3 LMB 53.5″
2 Jason Scott 3 LMB 52″
3 Jeff Ratliff* 3 LMB 51.5″
4 Wayne Butler 3 LMB 51.5″
5 John Stokes 3 LMB 50.75″
6 Mike Yang 3 LMB 50.25″
7 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 49.5″
8 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 48.75″
9 Scott Inge** 3 LMB 48.25″
10 Vang Yang 3 LMB 48.25″
11 PC Her** 3 LMB 48″
12 Cory Dryer 3 LMB 48″
13 Philip Ruckart 3 LMB 47.75″
14 Andre Smit 3 LMB 46.25″
15 Joey Benevenia 3 LMB 44.5″
16 Michael Ortiz 3 LMB 43.25″
17 Garrett Phillips 3 LMB 42.25″
18 Jeremy Williams 3 LMB 41″
19 Ku Thao 3 LMB 40.75″
20 Bob Dainton** 3 LMB 40.25″
21 Joe Angelcyk 3 LMB 40.25″
22 Vinny Ferreri 3 LMB 36″
23 Alex Yang 2 LMB 33.25″
24 Mark Gunn 2 LMB 25.5″
25 Tim Vue 2 LMB 25.25″
26 Shane Pogue 2 LMB 22.25″
27 Mike Langer 1 LMB 15″
28 Dennis Lajeunesse 1 LMB 14″
29 Justin Plemmons 1 LMB 12″
30 Henry Veggian 1 LMB 8″
31 Rick Rowland 0 LMB 0
31 Evan Ritter 0 LMB 0
31 Ben Cochrane 0 LMB 0
31 Tom Hayes 0 LMB 0

* Won tie breaker (mouths closed)
** Won respective tie breakers with larger bass

Jordan Lake Results


The third event of the Carolina Yakfish series was held today (5/18) at Jordan Lake.  We had a decent turnout (18 anglers) given the stormy forecast, so thank you to everyone that made it out today.  With your help, we raised another $180 for HOW.  Recent reports coming out of Jordan were not very good and unfortunately they proved to be accurate today overall.  Only 2 anglers were able to catch a limit, though 3 fish over 20″ were caught.  Luckily the lightning stayed away but we did have a few rumbles of thunder and a good soaking down pour for about an hour.

Once again, our 4th and 5th place finishers each received a $50 gift card from Get:  Outdoors in Greensboro.  Thanks to our good friends G:O.  Coming in 5th, with one 20″ toad caught on his first cast of the day was Rick Rowland.  4th place went to Joey Benevenia, with a 2 fish bag of 25.75″.  The first angler in the money, coming in 3rd, was Garrett Phillips, with a 2 fish bag going 31.75″  Garrett also had the big fish of the day at 20.25″.  Well done, Garrett!  Second place went to Shelly Efird with a 3 fish limit that measured 35.5″.  Our big winner of the day, who managed to squeek by the nearest competitor by 14.75″, was Harrison Zellers with a 3 fish limit of 50.25″.  Congrats Harrison and the rest of the top 5!

Our last event of the year is just 2 weeks away (June 1st) at Randleman Lake (Southwest Park). The angler of the year race is tight.  Shelly’s in the lead, but four others – Rick, Joey B, Joe A, and Jeff R aren’t quite out of it yet.  At the conclusion of the tourney, the 2013 Angler of the Year winner will be awarded the camo Native Watercraft Slayer 14.5.  Saturday is shaping up to be a good day for fishing so come on out and bring a friend.  We’re really looking forward to a great finale!  See y’all there!

1 Harrison Zellers 3 LMB 50.25″
2 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 35.5″
3 Garrett Phillips 2 LMB 31.75″
4 Joey Benevenia 2 LMB 25.75″
5 Rick Rowland 1 LMB 20″
6 Jeff Ratliff 1 LMB 18.25″
7 DJ Myslinski 1 LMB 15.25″
8 Henry Veggian 1 LMB 10″
9 Philip Ruckart 1 LMB 9.25″
10 Joey Sulilvan 1 LMB 9″
11 Ron Washburn 1 LMB 6.5″
12 Joe Angelcyk 0 LMB 0
12 Josh Ferguson 0 LMB 0
12 Bob Dainton 0 LMB 0
12 Jason Scott 0 LMB 0
12 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0
12 Andre Smit 0 LMB 0
12 Wayne Butler 0 LMB 0

Mackintosh Results

April 28, 2013 2 comments


The second event of the Carolina Yakfish series was held this past weekend (4/27) at Lake Mackintosh in Burlington.  We had another solid turnout with 28 anglers.  Thanks to everyone that participated, we were able to raise another $280 for our benefitting organization, Heroes on the Water.  The weather turned out great – mid 60s temps with mostly light winds and an over cast sky.  But catching fish proved tough as everyone had to work pretty hard for the bites they got.  Half the field went home without catching a bass and only 5 anglers turned in a 3-fish limit.

Our 4th and 5th place finishers each received a $50 gift card from our good friends at Get: Outdoors in Greensboro.  Coming in 5th, with “3 dinks” (as he described them) totaling 33.25 inches was John Stokes.  4th Place went to 2011 AOY Joe Anglcek with 3 largemouth totaling 34.25″.  The 3rd place finisher,  with a 3-fish limit that measured 35.5″, was Henry Veggian.  Barely edging Veggian and placing 2nd ,was Rick Rowland, with 3 fish totaling 36 inches.  And our big winner of the day was, 2012 AOY runner-up, Shelly Efird with a limit totalling 44.75 inches.  Shelly is off to a hot start this year, so everyone will be gunning for him for the rest of the season!  Finally, big bass honors today went to Joey Sullivan, with a hefty 20.25″ bass.

Thank you again to everyone that came out today.  We really appreciate your participation as we continue to support wounded warriors.  Our next event is just 3 weeks away (May 18th) and will be held at Jordan Lake at the Ebeneezer boat ramp.  Please once again plan on arriving at 6am.  See you then!

1 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 44.75″
2 Rick Rowland 3 LMB 36″
3 Henry Veggian 3 LMB 35.5″
4 Joe Angelcyk 3 LMB 34.25″
5 John Stokes 3 LMB 33.25″
6 Bailey Fuller 2 LMB 27.5″
7 Drew Harrison 2 LMB 25.5″
8 Joey Sullivan* 1 LMB 20.25″
9 Andre Smit 2 LMB 18″
10 Wayne Butler 1 LMB 17″
10 Daniel Rimer 1 LMB 17″
12 Jason Longfellow 1 LMB 15.75″
13 Joey Benevenia 1 LMB 14.25″
14 Ron Washburn 1 LMB 8.25″
15 Bob Dainton 0 LMB 0
15 Brian English 0 LMB 0
15 Nathan Wiles 0 LMB 0
15 Hayden Wiles 0 LMB 0
15 Jimmy Houser 0 LMB 0
15 Garret Phillips 0 LMB 0
15 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0
15 Jason Scott 0 LMB 0
15 Dennis Lajeunesse 0 LMB 0
15 Ben Cochrane 0 LMB 0
15 Mike Cole 0 LMB 0
15 Scott Inge 0 LMB 0
15 John Lemmon 0 LMB 0
15 Charlie Williams 0 LMB 0

* Won big bass pot with a 20.25″ LMB

Harris Results


The 2013 Carolina Yakfish series kicked off on Saturday, March 23rd at Shearon Harris.  We had a great turnout with 37 anglers and the lake provided some very nice fish. We had six largemouth submitted that were 20″ or better, and 29 that were 16″+.  The rain stayed away, the winds stayed down, and we raised a respectable chunk of change for our benefitting organization, Heroes on the Water.

4th and 5th place finishers each received a $50 gift card to Get: Outdoors in Greensboro.  They were Joey Benevenia with a 50.5″ limit and Nathan Raycroft who finished with 48″.  Well done guys!  3rd place went to Mike Langer with a 52″ 3-bass limit.  2nd went to Jeff Ratliff who also finished with 52″ (after a .25″ deduction).  Jeff went home with 2nd place money because his largest fish (21.25″) was bigger than Mike’s (20″).  The big winner of the day was Brian English with three nice largemouth that totaled 56″.  Congrats, gentlemen!  Finally, big bass honors today went to 2012 AOY runner-up Shelly Efird with a 23.75″ sow (pictured below).  Click HERE for Kayak Fishing NC tourney write-up and photo gallery.

Because of the nice turnout, we were able to raise $402 today for HOW.  Thanks to everyone for coming out!

The next event is Lake Mackintosh on April 27th.  We look forward to seeing everyone there.


Shelly’s big bass
1 Brian English 3 LMB 56″
2* Jeff Ratliff 3 LMB 52″
3 Mike Langer 3 LMB 52″
4 Joey Benevenia 3 LMB 50.5″
5 Nathan Raycroft 3 LMB 48″
6 Joe Angelcyk 3 LMB 46.25″
7 Kent Brewer 3 LMB 45″
8 Shelly Efird 2 LMB 35.75″
9 Jimmy Houser 2 LMB 33.5″
10 Scott Inge 2 LMB 30.75″
11 Joey Sullivan 2 LMB 28.5″
12 Ricky Rowland 2 LMB 27.75″
13 Wayne Butler 1 LMB 21″
14 Kyle Brafford 1 LMB 20.5″
15 Jason Longfellow 1 LMB 20″
16 Garrett Phillips 1 LMB 19.25″
17 Chris Reed 1 LMB 19″
18 Tom Hayes 1 LMB 18.5″
19 Patrick Parmenter 1 LMB 18.25″
20 Joe Stull 1 LMB 17.75″
21 Henry Veggian 1 LMB 17.25″
22 Josh Ferguson 1 LMB 17″
22 Philip Ruckart 1 LMB 17″
24 Ryan Sadler 1 LMB 16.75″
25 Chris Edwards 1 LMB 15.25″
26 Bob Dainton 1 LMB 13″
26 Jason Scott 1 LMB 13″
28 Harrison Zellers 1 LMB 9.25″
29 Ricky Ciner 0 LMB 0
29 Dennis LaJeunesse 0 LMB 0
29 Andre Smit 0 LMB 0
29 Brian Roy 0 LMB 0
29 DJ Myslinski 0 LMB 0
29 Ron Washburn 0 LMB 0
29 Lucas Bernard 0 LMB 0
29 Jason Byrd 0 LMB 0
29 Matt Frazier 0 LMB 0

*Won tie-breaker with 21.25″ fish


2013 Tourney Schedule

January 23, 2013 8 comments

Here is the tourney schedule for 2013.  Yes, we’ve reduced to 4 tourneys instead of 5, and we’ve planned them all in the spring with the last being on 6/1.  Cost this year will be $30 per tournament, with an optional $5 big bass pot.  $10 of each entry fee will go directly to Heroes on the Water, and the remainder will be distributed as cash prizes as usual.  Please note that Mackintosh and Randleman also have launch fees.  Anglers should plan on arriving at 6am so we can launch by 7am for all tourneys.  See Schedule & Results page for launch site maps.  Here is a link to the 2013 registration sheet (if you’ve fished with us before, you don’t need to fill one out).  Stay tuned for more details.:)

March 23 – Shearon Harris (Holleman’s Crossing)

April 27 – Lake Mackintosh (Huffman Mill)

May 18 – Jordan Lake (Ebenezer)

June 1 – Randleman Reservoir (Southwest Park)

Looking forward to a great year!


UPDATE – Feb 11, 2013

Good news, folks!  Native Watercraft is once again hooking us up with our Angler of the Year prize.  This year it will be none other than a brand new Slayer 14.5!  Big thanks to all the fine folks at Native!


Additionally, our good friends at Get:Outdoors in Greensboro will be providing us with two $50 gift cards per tournament to give as prizes.  We plan for those to go to our 4th and 5th place finishers in each tournament.  Thanks, Get:Outdoors!


Jordan Lake Results

October 20, 2012 1 comment

Jason Scott, Shelly Efird, Joey Sullivan, and DJ Myslinski stand with the 2012 Native AOY boat


The final tournament of the 2012 season was held at Jordan Lake on Saturday, October 20th. We had a great turnout with 33 anglers – thank you to all who participated today and throughout the season! Weather was fantastic for the tournament – light winds and temps in the 70s. Although the blue bird skies probably didn’t help the fishing much. Still, lot of bass were caught today and 8 anglers turned in a limit.

4th thru 7th place finishers were all awarded $25 gift cards to Hook1. Those gift cards went to Bob Dainton (7th), Shelly Efird (6th), Henry Veggian (5th), and Stephen Fields(4th). Nice job, guys! Coming in 3rd place with a 3 fish limit of 47″ was DJ Myslinski. Second place went to Jason Scott, with a 3 fish limit of 50″. Jason also had the big fish of the day with a 20.5″ beauty he caught with a jig off the riprap. The big winner of the day was Joey Sullivan, with a 3 fish limit of 50.75″. Joey once again donated the first place cash prize to Heroes on the Water. Joey donated all of his winnings (over $700) this year to HOW and it is very much appreciated.

With the win, Joey secured the Angler of the Year title for the 2nd time in 3 years, however, being an organizer of the event, awarded the camo Native Watercraft Redfish 12 prize to Shelly Efird, who finished 2nd in the standings. Congrats to all who placed today and to Shelly on his new kayak!  Final 2012 AOY standings can be seen HERE.

Thank you to everyone that came out today and helped us support HOW. With everyone’s help, we raised an additional $165 through entry fees today, $216 through lanyard sales for the year (thanks again, Joey B!), $270 through rod/reel raffle sales for the year (thanks, Brett Hinson and Carolina Custom Rods!), $704 in donations from Joey Sullivan, $350 from Nathan Raycroft, and a few other donations for a total of $2,431 for the year! Our goal for the year was $2,000, so thanks to everyone for helping us smash that goal!

Click HERE to read more about the day and see some pictures at Kayak Fishing NC.


1 Joey Sullivan 3 LMB 50.75″
2 Jason Scott 3 LMB 50″
3 DJ Myslinski 3 LMB 47″
4 Stephen Fields 3 LMB 45″
5 Henry Veggian 3 LMB 43″
6 Shelly Efird 3 LMB 35.5″
7 Bob Dainton 3 LMB 32.5″
8 Joe Angelcyk 2 LMB 30.25″
9 Jim Lor 2 LMB 26.5″
10 Steve Hurst 3 LMB 25.75″
11 Jeff Lee 2 LMB 23.5″
12 Brad Crater 2 LMB 22.25″
13 Brian English 2 LMB 21.5″
14 Bo Anders 2 LMB 20.5″
15 Wayne Butler 1 LMB 16.25″
16 Chris Edwards 1 LMB 16″
17 Scott Inge 1 LMB 15″
18 Patrick Parmenter 1 LMB 14.75″
19 Harrison Zellers 1 LMB 13.5″
20 Heath Hollowell 1 LMB 13.25″
21 Jeff Oestreich 1 LMB 11″
21 Nathan Raycroft 1 LMB 11″
23 Clint Barden 1 LMB 10.75″
24 Tim Stewart 1 LMB 9.5″
25 Josh Ferguson 0 LMB 0
25 Jeff Ratliff 0 LMB 0
25 Aki Min 0 LMB 0
25 Joey Benevenia 0 LMB 0
25 Philip Ruckart 0 LMB 0
25 Brian Roy 0 LMB 0
25 Mike Langer 0 LMB 0
25 Kevin Dorsey 0 LMB 0
25 Mike Cole 0 LMB 0

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